Bringing you the wild taste of caviar.


Our roots

The Volzhenka family fishery has been cultivating the finest caviar for more than half a century, honouring the age-old traditions of Caspian Sea’s rich caviar culture, where roe has been enjoyed for centuries. It all started in Astrakhan, an ancient city on the banks of the Volga River. Once a thriving Silk Road trading post and the capital of the Golden Horde, Astrakhan is steeped in a rich history, a place of world class natural beauty and abundance.



The name Volzhenka, a colloquialism used to describe the local women who once inhabited the banks of the Volga River, reflects our heritage and neatly encapsulates the female-centric nature of the company, which is largely helmed by women.


From past to present

In 2007 Volzhenka brought decades of Astrakhan tradition and expertise directly to Europe. Today, our outposts in Italy and Greece replicate the conditions of our mother farm with natural spring water, only freshly caught food and no crossbreeding. Production is conducted under the strict supervision of leading experts from our first Caspian farm. And it’s our minimal-intervention approach that truly allows us to bring the wildest and most authentic taste of caviar to the world.


Volzhenka's EU flagship farm is based in Drama Greece

This farm has been carefully selected after searching for that rare gem in Europe.

The farm has two water fields: the first one is a pool field. It is fed with the purest spring water with the constant temperature fluctuating by only a few degrees throughout the full year. The water exchange rate is 1200 litres per second , which means that the fish is always in clean water with good oxygen that contributes to its rapid growth and reaching the maturity for sturgeons. Our caviar has incredible characteristics. It comes with a diameter of 2.8 to 3.4 mm, has a rich colour palette from light grey to charcoal black, there are some shades of nut brown colour to light green.

Also our caviar has a unique taste that results in gastronomic pleasure because our farm is located in a close proximity to the coast of the Aegean Sea and for half a year the fish eats freshly caught anchovies and krill. The second field is located on a lake with a depth of 60 metres.


Our Sturgeons

All four breeds of our sturgeon are sourced from the wild and grown in natural settings, without the use of hormones or other additives. Our sturgeon are raised with very high fats and proteins due to the special water conditions.

We produce artisan caviar using leading sustainable practices, developed through decades of research. All our sturgeon are pure-bred, their DNA direct from their wild Caspian Sea ancestors, and our farms use natural spring water. That’s why you can experience the wild taste of caviar.


Our People