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JUNE 23 2015

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To introduce London to our modern take on a traditional delicacy, Volzhenka Caviar hosted a party to introduce local caviar-enthusiasts to the delicious tastes of Volzhenka Caviar. Guests sipped on champagne and enjoyed exquisite caviar tasting, all while learning about the important history of Volzhenka.

At Volzhenka, we take our heritage very serious, with the Volzhenka farm producing the best caviars for many years. The family flagship farm is the only one remaining on the Russian Caspian Sea that produces world-class Caspian Beluga caviar. Rooted in history, we draw our expertise from decades of seamless production, while we continue to introduce our product to Europe.

During the event, Volzhenka founder, Ekaterina Bataeva, spoke enthusiastically and passionately about her grandfather’s product, who to this day, remains a celebrated figure for his outstanding contributions to the development of the Russian fishing industry, as well as Sturgeons preservation in both Russia and the Caspian region. So far, Volzhenka has already released over 44 million juvenile sturgeons into the Caspian Sea basin to maintain sustainability and regenerate the species’ wild population.

Overall, the event was a great success, introducing many to the impressive and contemporary Volzhenka Caviar which is already making waves throughout the city that is considered by many as the “capital of the world”.