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Delivery is exclusively handled by UPS or DHL in order to guarantee the best service possible.

We currently deliver to the United Kingdom (UK), Europe (EU), United States (USA) and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our packages are discreet, without any mention of our brand or its content.

For orders submitted from Monday AM to Thursday AM the delivery time is 24 to 48h. All orders received from Thursday PM to Sunday PM are dispatched on the following Monday.

Your order will reach you within 24-48 hours after being dispatched. To find out more, see our delivery page.

Your order will reach you within 24-48 hours after being dispatched. To find out more, see our delivery page.

It is essential that the recipient of the package is present during delivery. You can choose or modify the best delivery date by contacting our customer service.

You can pay for your order on our secure payment platform using a bank card.

Perishable items can neither be returned, nor exchanged.

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Volzhenka brings you the wild taste of caviar. It’s the world’s most exquisite caviar, produced in a sustainable way with artisanal care and excellence from farm to table. And that’s what differs us from other international brands.

Because we’re a market-leader in sustainable practises and cruelty-free principles developed through decades of research, we can guarantee the unparalleled purity of our proudly chemical-free caviar. All our sturgeon are pure-bred, their DNA direct from their wild Caspian Sea ancestors, and our European farms replicate their natural habitat as closely as possible – spring water, only freshly caught food and no cross-breeding. That’s why our minimal-intervention approach truly allows you to experience the wild taste of caviar.

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