Caviar Box – London Only

Caviar Box – London Only

From $35


Exclusively for our London caviar fans Volzhenka has created a unique tasting box to accompany the finest caviar. Beautifully packaged blinis and condiments ready to consume will be a great addition to any caviar in our collection .


Suitable for tins of 30g, 50g, 125g, 250g and 500g of caviar.
Condiments included: sour cream, chives, red onions, boiled egg and blinis.
Delivery the same day within London.


To experience its wild taste to the full, Volzhenka’s fine caviar should be served, then savoured, straight from the fridge.


Take a small mother of pearl spoon (a silver one tampers with the taste) and allow the elemental favours of the most exquisite caviar explode in your palate. While enjoyment of food should always be a matter of personal preference, we’re convinced that the beauty and purity of Volzhenka’s wild taste is best experienced without accompaniment.


To extend your appreciation, try our caviar on warm white buttered toast, or smothered onto large traditional blinis, rolled like pancakes, together with a glass of cold champagne, a lighter-bodied Chablis or other white Burgundy or top-grade freezer-cold vodka.