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JUNE 3 2015

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The annual charity release of juvenile sturgeons here in Astrakhan is one of the most important dates on Volzhenka’s calendar. Dedicated to the celebration of Children’s Day, this is when we release juveniles into the waters of the Caspian Sea.

The sustainability of our sturgeons is something we believe in passionately hence it’s a day of great celebration and joy. Since the establishment of the company, more than 50 million juveniles have already been cultivated and released into the waters of the sea on this very special day.
The festival on 1st June 2014 was a vast success. We selected juvenile sturgeons weighing 300-400 grams to increase their survival rate in the natural environment. And the brightest students of the Astrakhan region were also invited to release their own ‘baby’ sturgeons.
We awarded the students with diplomas, tablets and exclusive gifts. And they even had the pleasure of meeting farming experts and caviar masters as well as the Astrakhan Region Governor who also took part in the event.
The purpose of the event was not only a celebration but also to educate future generations on the importance of protecting this incredible creature that has survived in the Caspian basin ever since the dinosaur era.

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