The History and Heritage of Caviar

For centuries, caviar was the delicacy of the Caspian Sea and its tributaries, with the Volzhenka family fishery being one of the oldest and most respected fish farms in the area.


Where does caviar come from?

Caviar traditionally comes from the roe, or eggs, of certain species of sturgeon fish. Sturgeon fish are native to various regions around the world, including the Caspian Sea, Black Sea, and some rivers in Europe and North America. Historically, the most famous caviar-producing regions were Russia and Iran, with Beluga, Ossetra, and Sevruga being the most sought-after varieties. Since the 14th century, caviar has been seen as a sign of luxury and good luck. This luxurious delicacy, once reserved for the wealthy and elite, is now widely enjoyed by food enthusiasts and epicureans alike. Harvested from the pristine waters of the Caspian Sea, the ancient art of producing sustainable caviar has been passed down through generations, and its popularity has only grown with time. Now you can experience that uniquely wild and robust flavour with Volzhenka caviar—a taste like no other.


The Volzhenka family fishery

The Volzhenka fishery has been producing sustainable caviar for over half a century, offering its customers the highest quality of the delicacy. Today, we combine traditional expertise with modern sustainability measures, making sure that our caviar is produced in the most eco-friendly way possible. All the sturgeon used in the production of caviar are pure-bred. Their DNA comes directly from their Caspian Sea ancestors. At the Volzhenka family fishery, sustainable caviar is not just a word combination but a way of life. We have been making artisanal caviar of the highest quality ever since it began in a small village. 


How is Caviar produced today?

We are proud to be able to bring the wildest and most authentic taste of caviar to the world. Our experts oversee every step of our production in Italy and Greece. In order to replicate the natural habitat of the sturgeon as closely as possible, we use spring water, only freshly caught food, and no cross-breeding. This minimal-intervention approach is the key to the unparalleled purity of Volzhenka caviar. Not only is it chemical-free, but it also allows you to experience the wildest and most authentic taste of caviar. We are committed to producing caviar that is as close to nature as possible. From the hatchery to the table, every step is carefully watched and controlled to make sure the quality and taste are at their best. 


Today, Volzhenka’s aim is to alter people's perceptions of caviar for a new generation of tastemakers.

If you’re looking for a gourmet treat that is as delicious as it is sustainable, look no further than Volzhenka. With our commitment to excellence and focus on quality, Volzhenka sustainable caviar is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the unique and robust flavour of caviar. Order it today to treat yourself to the finest caviar available and discover the art of connoisseurship tomorrow!