How to store

Volzhenka caviars truly represent a work of art with their vibrant colours and indulgent flavours. So it will come as no surprise that the caviar from Volzhenka offers some of the highest-quality products you can find. With vast caviar benefits to reap, ensuring your caviar is stored correctly is an important part of an exciting culinary experience.


We recommend enjoying our caviar immediately after purchase

To get the most out of caviar benefits, we recommend enjoying our caviar immediately after purchase. All of our caviar is hand-picked and sent to us straight from the fields where it is raised. As a result of these precautions, we can offer you the highest quality and freshest caviar available. For example, Oscietra is said to offer a nutty flavour with intense nuances of caviar, while Beluga provides a creamy, velvety taste with a delicate crunch. Siberian Sturgeon, Sevruga, Oscietra V20, and Siberian Sturgeon V15 all possess their own unique flavour characteristics that make it easy to find the perfect caviar for any occasion. Luckily, storing these precious delicacies is not as complicated as you might assume.


How long does the caviar last?

The freshness of caviar depends on many variables, including the temperature at which it is kept, the quality of its packaging, and the environment once the package has been opened. Packaging. Our caviar has a shelf life of 3 months if stored in an unopened vacuum-sealed container. Glass containers are ideal for storage and maintaining caviar benefits, as glass is non-porous, which helps to conserve caviar’s flavour and texture. Not only will caviar stored in glass last longer due to minimal exposure to air, but glass also preserves caviar’s many health benefits. Volzhenka is well aware of this, which is why we use only the finest quality glass containers for caviar storage. Temperature. Moreover, caviar loses its texture when frozen, so this isn't the best way to keep it fresh. The best temperature range for caviar is between -2 and +2 °C, so choose the coolest part of your fridge for storage. Once the package has been opened. It's important to keep in mind that air provides a great setting for germs to flourish and cause harm. When storing caviar, avoid exposing it to air as much as you can. Caviar begins to deteriorate after roughly two hours if it isn't refrigerated. One hour is the threshold for spoilage if the serving temperature is +32 °C or above. 


What actions should you take after your caviar arrives?

Store it right away. Volzhenka caviar will come safely packaged on dry ice in a glass container. Immediately remove the caviar from the box and place it in the refrigerator to avoid letting it remain out in the heat for any longer than necessary. Use the bottom drawer. The bottom of the refrigerator might be the best place to store perishables because the cooler air won't be able to reach caviar and it’s dark enough. Serve it cold. To experience its wild taste and all the caviar benefits to the fullest, Volzhenka fine caviar should be served and savoured directly from the fridge. Use the mother-of-pearl spoon. Our bespoke mother-of-pearl does not conduct heat like metal does, so it preserves the temperature and texture of your caviar. And, unlike silver, it does not introduce any metallic taste to the experience. 


Experience the exquisite taste of Volzhenka caviar!

Follow our simple guidelines laid out in this blog to ensure your caviar remains flavorful and enjoyable every time you indulge in its distinct taste. To ensure the ultimate experience, we recommend that you order at Volzhenka. We guarantee that shopping with us will provide you with the taste of the finest caviar and the freshest delivery. Place your order now and experience the exquisite taste of Volzhenka caviar!