How to eat Caviar?

At Volzhenka, we know that the finest way to experience our wild and exquisite caviar is with an exclusive mother-of-pearl spoon.


Taste the splendour of Volzhenka caviar served with a mother-of-pearl spoon.

Our caviar is created with artisanal care and excellence, but we recognize that the experience of tasting its admirable textures is as important as the caviar itself. It deserves to be served with a spoon that reflects the same quality and attention to detail. That is why we have partnered with creative visionary Ramdane Touhami to design our exclusive mother-of-pearl spoon. This way, we ensure that you enjoy each and every bite of Volzhenka caviar in its purest form.


What is a mother-of-pearl spoon?

A mother-of-pearl spoon is made of the beautiful, iridescent material found inside the shells of certain mollusks. It has a distinctive shimmer and comes in a variety of colours, from white to pink and purple. It has traditionally been favoured by taste connoisseurs for its ability to maintain the temperature and texture of the food being served and for its ability to not alter the taste of the food. When you serve Volzhenka caviar on a mother-of-pearl spoon, you can be assured that you are experiencing the best of what our sustainable caviar has to offer. Our spoon is crafted from natural materials, allowing you to enjoy the delicate shades of the texture as you savour each luxurious morsel. Mother-of-pearl does not conduct heat like metal does, so it preserves the temperature and texture of your caviar. And, unlike silver, it does not introduce any metallic taste to the experience.


How else can you eat it?

Indulging in caviar through a caviar bump is an experience that combines simplicity with sophistication. To partake, one selects a small portion of the finest caviar, usually about a teaspoonful, and places it delicately onto the back of their hand. With a sense of reverence, the individual then raises their hand towards their mouth, ensuring that the caviar remains intact. With a gentle tap of the tongue, they release the caviar from their hand, allowing it to burst forth in a symphony of flavor. The briny essence floods the palate, while the creamy texture envelopes the senses, creating a moment of pure indulgence. This method of consuming caviar accentuates its experience and purity.

It is perfect as it is.