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When it comes to determining what pairs well with caviar, it is important to acknowledge that the answer is not a universal one. Rather, the artful answer depends on the nuances of each individual type of caviar. To show off the most popular choices, we'll start with our most sought-after caviar types: oscietra caviar, beluga caviar, sevruga and siberian sturgeon caviar. Each of these caviar delights is characterised by its unique flavour profile and textural finesse, and the pairing options should harmoniously complement and elevate these qualities.

Mild, buttery, nutty


Oscietra or osetra caviar is a delicacy, cherished by gourmands the world over. It typically has medium-sized grains with various shades ranging from dark brown to golden. Prized for its nutty, earthy flavour profile, osetra caviar has become synonymous with caviar connoisseurship. When one decides to buy caviar, it is essential to seek out the finest specimens, and Oscietra Caviar fits that bill perfectly, as it is renowned for its rich, luxurious taste and is sure to elevate any culinary experience. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with other delicacies, osetra caviar is the true epitome of culinary sophistication. Volzhenka Oscietra caviar comes in 2 varieties : Oscietra or Oscietra V20. The "V20" designation indicates the age of the sturgeon. It takes up to twenty years for Oscietra V20 sturgeon to reach maturity, and they’re only harvested in the coldest months of the year.

Rich, intense, creamy


Beluga caviar is an iconic delicacy, steeped in the grandeur of the Caspian's storied traditions. Its reputation as the king of caviar is well-deserved, with its creamy, smooth texture and subtle, buttery flavour profile. A staple of Caspian tradition caviar, Beluga Caviar has captivated the hearts and palates of gourmands for generations. Its luxurious taste and sophisticated presentation make it the perfect addition to any refined culinary experience, elevating even the most simple of dishes to new heights of culinary brilliance.

Bold, fresh, oceanic


Sevruga caviar is known for its small to medium-sized grains and a more assertive flavor compared to other varieties. It has a slightly tangy and briny taste with a distinct mineral and earthy undertone. Sevruga caviar is often appreciated for its pronounced flavor.

Mild, telluric

Siberian Sturgeon

Baeri caviar, also known as Siberian sturgeon caviar, is characterized by its medium-sized grains with colors ranging from dark gray to light brown. It is often praised for its delicate and balanced flavor profile. Baeri caviar typically offers a smooth and slightly nutty taste with subtle brininess. Volzhenka Siberian Sturgeon caviar comes in 2 varieties : Siberian Sturgeon or Siberian Sturgeon V15. The "V15" designation indicates the age of the sturgeon. It takes up to fifteen years for Siberian Sturgeon V15 sturgeon to reach maturity.

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