Our mission is simple:

Produce the world’s finest caviar. To ensure our exceptional standards and your high expectations are met, we are committed to fulfilling this mission ethically and responsibly.

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Volzhenka: 600 years of history distilled in every ounce.

Our family fishery has been cultivating Russia’s finest caviar for more than half a century. On a mission to create world-class caviar without ethical compromise, we deliver the untamed taste of the Caspian Sea right to your door. Dedicated to honouring the age-old traditions of Astrakhan’s rich caviar culture, where roe has been enjoyed for centuries, Volzhenka is a culinary celebration of heritage-crafted caviar that remains wild at heart.


The southern city of Astrakhan, where the Volga River meets the Caspian Sea, has a storied history as the original source of Russian caviar. With its rich maritime past, this is a place where caviar tastes like home. Caviar has been cultivated in Astrakhan since the 14th century, when the city was still at the centre of the ancient Silk Routes. The story of the magnificent fish that create caviar goes back further still: Sturgeon have swum these wild water since the days of the dinosaur.


Volzhenka is a family fishery with deep Russian roots. Volzhenka’s founder, Astrakhan native Ekaterina Bataeva is a true scion of caviar culture. Her maternal grandfather has been harvesting exceptional caviar from the Volga River at his Beluga farm for more than fifty years. It’s his legacy, and this peerless pedigree, that’s preserved for contemporary consumers in Volzhenka’s carefully crafted family formulated caviar.

Volzhenka is caviar for conservationists and connoisseurs. True to our commitment to sustainability, Volzhenka, and its parent company Beluga, are at the forefront of sturgeon conservation. We adhere to humane practices such as milking, which dispense with the need to kill the fish, helping to set ethical industry standards. As part of the Beluga Sturgeon Fish Rescue and Protection Fund, we work to study, understand and preserve these incredible creatures. Over the years, actively releasing more than 140 million fish back into the Caspian Sea.

Volzhenka’s traceable production process allows us to closely control every aspect of caviar creation to ensure premium quality and taste. Our sturgeons come largely from the wild, and live in free-flowing basins in the depths of the Volga River. They still hibernate under the vast river’s frozen waters each winter. Living so close to their natural habitat makes for the most delicious caviar imaginable–one that’s defined by its creamy texture and serious depth of taste. Volzhenka caviar is unparalleled in its purity. That’s why we’re the last remaining creators of farmed Caspian Beluga in the world.


Due to Russian restrictions on exporting caviar, not all Volzhenka orders are fulfilled at the flagship fishery in Astrakhan. Volzhenka also has two exceptional partner farms in Europe, where conditions replicate the natural habitats of the Volga River, identical breeds of sturgeons, and our traceable production methods. The caviar is closely overseen by specialists from Astrakhan, who ensure that it is still made according to the old traditional recipes.

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