Our mission is simple:

Produce the world’s finest caviar. To ensure our exceptional standards and your high expectations are met, we are committed to fulfilling this mission ethically and responsibly.

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Volzhenka: 600 years of history distilled in every ounce.

Our family fishery has been cultivating Russia’s finest caviar for more than half a century. On a mission to create world-class caviar without ethical compromise, we deliver the untamed taste of the Caspian Sea right to your door. Dedicated to honouring the age-old traditions of Astrakhan’s rich caviar culture, where roe has been enjoyed for centuries, Volzhenka is a culinary celebration of heritage-crafted caviar that remains wild at heart.


Not only is our caviar of the highest maturity (grade 4), it is also individually selected for its size and consistency. To guarantee caviar of superior taste, Volzhenka’s caviar is only obtained during specific times of the year, when the water temperature is no higher than 16 degrees and no lower than 14. Our caviar is processed and salted using secret recipes that were founded in the city of Astrakhan, Russia over five hundred years ago. It comes with no preservatives and has a short shelf life of 2 to 3 months, offering the maximum preservation of the taste.

All Volzhenka’s breeders come from a long line of original sturgeons, with no domesticating strains tainting the pure heritage. We house our breeders in open-sided 11-metres deep tanks, positioned in the free, fresh-flowing waters of the Volga River so that their environment is constantly refreshed. Our sturgeons feed on natural fodder from the river, exactly as they do in the wild. We wait for the fish to be ready to spawn at their own pace and inclination, which enhances the flavor of the eggs whilst recreating wild caviar nutritional value and divine taste.

At Volzhenka, we are committed to our ecological responsibility at every stage. Caviar is a noble delicacy and we believe that our sturgeons deserve the highest respect. With many species becoming endangered, Volzhenka prides itself on safeguarding the production of caviar to ensure future generations of wild sturgeons. As well as producing exquisite products, Volzhenka also gives part of the produced roe for cultivation, which are ultimately released into the Caspian Sea basin in order to regenerate the wild population.


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